Amy's T-shirt Tuesday

A while back we started a little thing called  T-shirt Tuesday and then one Tuesday we forgot to do it, then we forgot the next Tuesday and the next Tuesday and so on and so on, until it had completely stopped (sad face emoji.) Then recently a close friend of the shop bought it up and was like "hey why don't you do T-shirt Tuesday anymore?" So it's back and what better way to kick start our refreshed T-shirt Tuesday than with the NBA powerhouse and unique character that is, Dennis Rodman. 
One of our recent favourite finds is this 'Bad As I Wanna Be' 1998 t-shirt, these shirts were first released to coincide with his first 1996 autobiography and features the, very subtle, image of him naked on a motorbike using a basketball to protect his modesty, which was also used on the front cover of the book. 
Rodman, at the time this book was being written played the position of power forward at the height of the Chicago Bulls success, he was renowned for being controversial on both the basketball court and within his personal life; and he is still known for his interesting antics to this day! 
Here at Wolf & Gypsy Vintage we are very much of the mind set that if your vintage T-shirt doesn't have a naked Dennis Rodman straddling a motorbike on- is it even worth having? 
Stay tuned for future T-shirt Tuesdays. 
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