Amy's T-shirt Tuesday

I thought this T-shirt Tuesday I would introduce you to a firm favourite of the Wolf & Gypsy Vintage team, the ‘bad’ Michael Jackson tee. Homemade, this badly printed fan t-shirt is perfect in so many ways; with its subtlety stretched MJ face and naive take on the superstar- what’s not to love? 

To coincide with the National Portrait Galleries, ‘On The Wall’ exhibition, which focuses on Jackson’s influence on the art world. We chatted to our friend and fashion historian, Sequoia Barnes, who is currently helping to create complimentary programming that runs alongside the exhibition. In our opinion, our t-shirt Tuesday would sit nicely within the exhibition as a testament to his fans and as an example of his influence, not just on high art, but naive or low art. 

Here's Sequoia's thoughts on the exhibition:

 “MJ: On the wall, I would describe as the influence of MJ's image/status as a pop culture icon and how it has been translated into artistic practice. How artists have used MJ's image as semiotic/symbolism/representations for themselves. Very complex but an amazing testament to how prolific MJ was as a performer.”

Many of the works of art on display could be described as kitsch, as Sequoia discussed: “ I don't think MJ thought of himself as kitschified until that album [‘Dangerous’]. You know, him in the amusement park with Bubbles. However, the images that have been kitschified by others are 'Thriller' and 'Bad' MJ which weren't kitsch in their inception but here we are.” 

We can’t wait to visit the exhibition but until then we’re happy to enjoy our very own slice of kitsch MJ history. 

If you’d like to enjoy some of the programming Sequoia has been working on we suggest following the link to find out more about an up and coming symposium -

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