FRANCESCA ZADRA - Exhibition - ‘NON PERDERE L’ANIMA’ - In store now

Francesca's story:

As someone who grew up in the Italian Alps I draw inspiration primarily from my childhood memories, based on the magical surroundings of the hidden valleys in Trentino.
This project is called ‘Do not lose your spirit’ and is a collection of wooden toys for adults.
You are invited to play with the toys - the performance allows us to reconnect with our spirit through exploring the freedom to play, whilst using the senses to trigger emotions, memories and fantasy lost within us.
The live creatures investigate my iconographic heritage and bring to life the secret hidden in the mountains, There is choreography in the transformation of each piece, my interaction with the material is so direct, so spontaneous and so straight forward.
With the hopes to create an intimate interaction with nature, I learn from the raw material as I go, inspecting the natural grain, knots and fibres and use this element to guide me.
Using only traditional tools and techniques from Trentino, the wool is sourced from a shepherd from the valley. It has been treated with care by my hands, following the old recipes once used by the women of the village.
* words Francesca Zadra




Will be live at WOLF & GYPSY VINTAGE 06/09/22 - 13/09/22


*Prices on request 

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