Let's start with your name? It's Assako which means "feather of a parrot" in bulu, a language spoken in Camerun



Cotton Antique Gown & Levi 501s

Where do you live? In Paris. First time I feel settled. I used to move around a lot before COVID! 

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? I am a wholesale manager for Baserange. I used to train a lot in athletics (sprint and long jump). I've transitioned to a couch potato who loves reading. Either politics or fiction. One of my favourite books is « White Nights » by Dostoevsky. I like to sing loudly French songs at home. Out of tune of course!



First thing you heard this morning? My alarm, bummer... I am a night bird. Waking up is challenging every single morning!

Screen time up or down this week? Quite high these days! I’ve been working long hours this week.

Your favourite item of clothing and where is it from? A vintage blue worker pants from Wolf And Gypsy Vintage and the Ole shirt from Baserange



Do you have a style icon, if so who? My mom, her great ability to mix colours and styles, Katoucha Niane for her natural elegance on catwalk and Florence Griffith-Joyner with her crazy looks on athletics tracks.



Which song can you listen to over and over again? Space Oddity by David Bowie.

Favourite dinner setting, meal and drink? A pique-nique in a flowery field in summer! Checklist: wicker basket, a pissaladière (French tart) and a lot of red wine!

Tell us something niceI love your conscious brands selection and small in-house collection like the Tie & Dye edit! Being surrounded by kind people like Laura makes me enjoy my work so much!



Pre-Loved White Sweatshirt

Big thanks Assako, its always a complete pleasure chatting with you.

Shop 'Introducing...' - featuring our latest Baserange drop and vintage edit styled and modelled by Assako and her beautiful sister Bertille. 

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