Introducing Part 2... with Matilda

Let's start with your name? My name is Matilda and I’m from Brighton in the UK.

1970's Hooded Suede Patchwork Coat

What are you up to currently? At the moment I’m on a deferral from Chelsea College of Arts where I studied graphics, so I’m treating the year as I sort of gap year as I never really got to do that. Not that it’s been a great year for travelling or typical gap year stuff, but I’ve learned a lot about myself this year and who I am. Lockdown especially taught me that I don’t have to surround myself with anyone other than the people who inspire me and make me feel good!

What was the first thing you heard this morning? I think the first think I heard this morning was unfortunately the sound of building work outside my house. It’s usually pretty quiet up where I live though and there’s lots of birds, but this morning I slept in a bit.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing and where is it from? My favourite item of clothing changes all the time but I’d probably have to say my green cowboy boots. Whenever I feel boring or a bit low, or don’t have much confidence I just put them on and instantly feel kind of invincible. My mum gave them to me a few years ago and I’ve worn them constantly since. I also don’t think I could live without a solid white T-shirt.


Moschino Couture Blazer

Any style icons, if so who? My style icon is a tricky one, it changes all the time. I think it depends on someone who I can relate to depending on where I’m at in my life, like, if I’m spending a lot of time in nature, then I’ll look up to brands that take inspiration there, or if I’m skating more then I tend to look at more practical options. A few honourable mentions who I can always look to if I feel stuck are Camille Charriere, @alwaysjudging @theelderstatesman and @collinastrada

Courtney Trop @alwaysjudging

Which song can you listen to over and over again? One of my favourite songs ever is Gretel by Alex G, I actually have it tattooed on my leg. I’ve cried to it, sang along to it, fallen asleep to it. It never gets old, I don’t know what it is about it. When it comes to something a bit more party friendly, I think I could listen to I remember by deadmau5 a thousand times over.

Favourite dinner setting, meal and drink? Has to be somewhere ambient. I’d rather a place with low light, lots of people enjoying themselves and terrible food than anywhere too bright or soulless even if the food was better. Honestly my favourite meal is probably pizza. It feels boring but a good puffy sourdough base, super garlicky sauce and loads of chilli oil makes it for me and cheese, lots and lots of cheese. My favourite drink lately has been a margarita, I like the salty/fresh combo and it only takes a few to feel merry. However the best drink I’ve ever had is definitely the hoppy butter paanch (i think that’s what it’s called) from Dishoom in shoreditch. It’s like this buttery whisky cocktail with ipa foam and it’s like if beer was dessert.

Tell us something nice: The fact that the sky and the sunset are completely different every day is so exciting to me. Looking up makes me feel so small but also like my lungs have an infinite sort of capacity, and knowing I can wake up and get to look at it again makes me feel really calm.

Brighton sunset by Adam Rice

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