Mend but Don't Make Do with Tom Of Holland!

Here at Wolf and Gypsy Vintage we love to collaborate with local artists and specialists, so this year we have teamed up with our friend and wonderfully talented, Tom of Holland. 

We have collaborated with Tom in the past on a small collection of lovingly repaired indigo and workwear garments, aptly named- “May All Your Dreams Be Indigo”. So, it felt natural to work together again. 

We asked Tom about this new collection of visibly mended vintage varsity cardigans and about our collaborative relationship: 

“As repairing clothes as part of my Visible Mending Programme relies on having garments to repair, I always enjoy a good collaboration. Following the success of my first collaboration with Wolf & Gypsy, “May All Your Dreams Be Indigo,” in which I repaired a number of indigo workwear items, I was very excited when Laura asked me again. It think it’s a natural match, as buying second-hnad clothes is one way of dealing with the issues of fast fashion. Working with a small business like Wolf & Gypsy allows me to exchange ideas with Laura directly, and we trust each other to come up with things that will work for both of us.

When Laura sees pieces that, with a bit of love and care, could take centre-stage of a great outfit, then it’s an enjoyable challenge for me to make sure that can happen. With these varsity cardigans I was struck with the appliqué patches. They are quite stiff and really sit on top of the cardigan fabric. I emulated that effect with the darning technique used. To keep a coherent look, I matched the colours of those patches, too. Each of the cardigans has its own serial number, which I keep track of in my Visible Mending Programme log book.” 

We love working with Tom and as mentioned above, it feels like a really natural match. 

This collection is now available in store and do keep your eyes peeled for future collaborations.  




By Amy Hodgson-Saker

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