Solitary Consignment Issue 5 - Laura McCluskey: Self-portrait series

Issue 5 is bought to us by photographer Laura McCluskey
Not only a photographer, Laura is a visual artist and director. Shooting fashion, portraits and documentaries. We feel extremely lucky to have her as part of this series and think her images are truly something else.
Laura's collection is entitled Self-portrait series
I've created a series of self-portraits at home during lockdown shot on polaroid film and digital camera. The photos were all shot with self timer mode and allowed me to experiment and work in a very different way to how I normally shoot my work, on film and with a team.
Vintage PJ Set
I'm a portrait and fashion photographer and don't ever photograph myself so it was a different way of working! I wanted to include some of my usual themes of bold colours and playfulness through movement and sunlight - above all trying to have a bit of fun with the imagery and clothes.  
Vintage Marl Grey Sweatshirt & Vintage Marl Grey Joggers
Being physically restricted to the house and garden meant that my creativity became simplified and I could only work with things around me. The clothes were relaxed and suit hanging out at home and in the garden - especially love the vintage PJs.
1990's Naf Naf Sweatshirt
Hope everyone is staying safe and well in this time

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