Solitary Consignment Issue 3 - Celeste Burgoyne: Home from home

Issue 3 of Solitary Consignment is bought to us by designer Celeste Burgoyne.

Once a member of the prestigious Markerversity, at Somerset House. She now has her own studio space creating clean cut simple designs with an emphasis on reusable items and reclaimed fabrics.  

We were thrilled when she agreed to be part of this series and are in love with the style and character of her images, all shot on an iphone by her lovely mum.

Left: Vintage PyjamasSmall Stacey Hoops Right: Baserange Tenali Trousers

Celeste's collection is call: Home from home

I’ve been back at my parents house for just over a month now! Before London locked down, my parents drove up to get me (and ALL of my sewing supplies) so I could continue working from home in Brighton!

Whilst this is such a concerning and uncertain time for everyone I’ve been trying to stay proactive and I’m lucky that I can run my business reasonably as usual from the spare room here! In the past week or so I’ve turned by workspace into a mask production line, sewing cotton facemarks for pals and customers!

When I’m not sewing I’ve been making the most of the sunshine! doing yoga in the garden, having coffee outside the front door and making the most of this time to hang out with my family and enjoy living in my old bedroom again! 

With everyday being the so similar at the moment, my London life feels very far away and living back here it almost feels like I never even left!

Hope you’re all staying safe n sanitised :) Celeste 

Small Stacey Hoops & Vintage Pyjamas


Left: Oversized Russell Athletic Sweatshirt Right: Vintage Ralph Lauren Tie Dye Tee
Baserange Short Sleeve Shaw Kaftan Dress
Left:  Baserange Tenali Trousers Right: Oversized Russell Athletic Sweatshirt
Baserange Tenali Trousers

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