Solitary Consignment Issue 2 - Libby Carradice: Home Comforts

We are lucky enough to know Libby both personally and professionally and are thrilled to be bringing you her selection.

As a former Wolf & Gypsy Vintage team member we've watched with pride as she's built a career as a stylist, with a portfolio featuring both well known brands alongside new and inspiring designers. 

Giu Giu Nonna Turtle NeckGiu Giu Nonna Bike Shorts

Libby's collection is called Home Comforts, be warned, she wears it, you want it!.

We decided to get out of London just before the lockdown started and have been staying at my boyfriend’s parents’ house. It goes without saying that this has been a really strange, uncertain time, with waves of worry and adjustments, but I’ve tried as much as I can to use this extra time to slow down and take the time to enjoy all of the simple things I love doing that make me feel good at home. Between PJ days and long periods of time spent in sweat pants, I’ve made sure to put on my favourite pieces and get dressed up every now and again to help me feel normal. I’ve started painting (badly!); tie-dying (less badly); I’ve picked up a book I hadn’t read in weeks, and got invested in Cheer on Netflix. Now moving on to Tiger King, although I’m late to the party. I bought a thousand-piece puzzle and made thousands of cookies. I’ve started and abandoned a few work out videos. I’ve played games, cooked and drunk tea and wine and gin and been bored and then found something else to do to not be bored again. Figuring out the best way to find comfort at the moment isn’t always easy. I hope everybody is finding their own home comforts to get us through this temporary bump in the road! Stay safe, lots of love.


Vintage 1970's Tricot Pants

Giu Giu Nonna Slip Dress

Giu Giu Nonna Bike Shorts

Stand Alone Sheer Slip

Stand Alone Cami & Stand Alone Sweatpants
Marble Horse Barrette


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