Tom Of Holland Visibile Mending Collaboration

Here at Wolf and Gypsy Vintage we are all about disputing and challenging fashion's throwaway clothing culture, instead we promote longevity and adapting vintage clothing to suit a contemporary wardrobe. With this ethos in mind we are thrilled to have collaborated, for the second time, with local textile artist and practitioner; Tom of Holland.

Tom aims to 'reinforce the relationship between the wearer and garment' through the use of repair, so, instead of simply discarding a broken or damaged garment, we say repair! Let the clothing grow with you and wear your beautifully darned item with pride, resting in the knowledge that you haven't abandoned that cherished cashmere sweater, for example. For our second collaboration with Tom, and as part of his visible mending programme, we gave him free-darning-reign with a selection of our ever popular sweatshirts. From 1950s soft marl-grey, to baby pink short-sleeved, the carefully chosen sweatshirts have been enhanced by Toms considered darning accompaniments.Tom's self-taught, traditional approach to repair helps him to explore the material quality of each piece, favouring a slower approach to creating and repairing, as a result of this approach each of our sweatshirts have been lovingly darned to perfection.

This contemporary make-do and mend movement is a back-lash against the aforementioned throwaway culture, and artists such as Tom are at the forefront of questioning how we think about and relate to our clothing. Featured in a variety of exhibitions and discussions concerned with the application of traditional techniques in the 21st century, Tom was recently chosen by British fashion power-house, Burberry, to be a part of their 'makers house' initiative whereby dedicated artists, craftsmen and designers are showcased.
This conversation around clothing and our relationship to it is one that Wolf and Gypsy Vintage are proud to be a part of, as we strive to question and eventually change negative pre-conceptions surrounding used, pre-loved and vintage clothing. We hope you enjoy and love our collaboration with Tom, and watch this space for more lovingly repaired garments.  

By Amy Hodgson

Currently an in Store Exclusive, lets see if we can twist his arm to make more for our online store...


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